We Value The Privacy Of Our Valued Customers!
The privacy of our customers is critically important to us and we respect each customer’s private information. All the personal information that you share with us stays is assured to be in safe hands.

We guarantee that your personal details are not shared, sold or supplied to anyone for any reason. We ensure our customers that that the details that they share with us while purchasing medicines from us won’t be abused by us or any of our employees in any way.

All your personal details including your email id, shipment address and credit card details goes straight into aSSL protected database that is fully secure and reliable.

We also do not send any SPAM emails nor do we send you any redundant emails; except that if you subscribe for our newsletters and other relevant information then you may receive notifications for that.

If you have any doubts or concerns with respect to the privacy of your personal information, then you may contact us by sending us an email. We assure that our customer support team will respond to your query immediately.

The payment gateway we use for your purchase transactions is completely safe and secured. We assure that none of the personal details that you enter is stored anywhere, nor does anyone from our team has any kind of access to it.
Customer satisfaction is our prime goal. And, we take strict measures to fulfil that.