Men and Sexual Dysfunction: Causes, Symptoms and, Treatments

October 10, 2022
Published by -- Sarah Jhones

When saying sexual health, many people limit it to pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Though important, they are not the only elements needing attention. Instead, sexual well-being can cover various aspects of emotional and physical well-being. 

Talking of sexual health, do you know that a majority of men are affected by the condition of erectile dysfunction? And are you aware that ED can be a sign of something serious? After all, sexual health can affect men in different ways, and you can have a glimpse of the same here.

Sexual Dysfunction in Men

Problems that come in the way of a person or couple’s experience of sexual satisfaction are what you can call sexual dysfunction. These conditions can affect individuals of any age group. Still, people around the 40 years of age group can find this in common. 

In men, sexual dysfunction can look like an inability to obtain or keep up an erection, delayed ejaculation, and problems holding an erection. But you do not need to worry because this issue has a solution. There are different treatments and medications like Kamagra tablets to address or deal with the symptoms. 

So do you want a clearer picture? Let us learn about these conditions and Kamagra tablets in the next part of the post. 

Erectile Dysfunction

Lovemaking or coitus can greatly depend on a healthy erection that men get after sexual stimulation. However, the ones with erectile dysfunction can find it difficult to obtain or maintain erections. Though situations like these may not be a trouble when occurring occasionally, they can be problematic with happening regularly.

The common symptoms of ED include issues obtaining and maintaining an erection and a fall in sexual desire. You must reach a doctor when developing these sexual concerns or when facing conditions like delayed or premature erections. The other reasons to get in touch can be the presence of other health conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. 

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is when a man indulges in sexual activity and ejaculates before his partner wants or expects him to. Normally, the time to hit orgasm and ejaculate in men can be 5-7 minutes. However, with premature ejaculation, the duration can be 1-3 mins of ejaculation. With this, you can suspect premature ejaculation if you face trouble delaying ejaculation for over a minute after penetration. 

When it comes to the causes of this sexual dysfunction, the actual reasons are unclear, but certain factors can play a part. These may include hormone levels, infection or inflammation in or around the urethra or prostate, and irregular transmitter levels. Emotional factors such as stress, anxiety, guilt, depression, and lack of confidence might also be responsible.

Dealing With Sexual Dysfunction

There can be different forms of treatments for sexual dysfunction, including:

  • Adaptation of healthy eating choices
  • Working out more often to keep up a healthy lifestyle
  • Avoiding consumption of a large amount of alcohol and tobacco 
  • Identifying if dysfunction is an outcome of any other medication for other medical conditions 

Along with these above-stated methods, you can improve your performance in bed with brands such as Kamagra tablets. If you are wondering about how they function, they facilitate the blood flow to the penis by relaxing its blood vessels. And this can result in an erection, but you need sexual arousal first. 

When it comes to premature ejaculation, the brand produces solutions to deal with this condition. However, Kamagra is a prescribed drug; it can require you to consult a medical practitioner before consuming it. Do not skip reaching a doctor if you have been dealing with other health conditions, especially the ones related to the heart, liver, and kidney. 


As this blog has ended, let us recall what we have learned from it. You became aware of common sexual dysfunction in men- Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Dysfunction. Along with that, you knew about possible ways to manage its symptoms. You also got to know how Kamagra tablets could be effective when it comes to treatment. Also, with that awareness and ease of purchasing Kamagra UK, you can get a hold of your sexual life.

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