Let’s understand ED from its Roots!!

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October 5, 2018
Published by -- Sarah Jhones

ED is a sexual disorder that can be explained theoretically as a consistent inability of a man to gain a healthy erection during the time of intercourse. It makes the males incapable to sustain a healthy erection during the lovemaking. It has been found that every one out of five adult males suffer from this stage during the intimacy process. It does not depend upon the age. It can happen to anyone.

Sometimes it is misunderstood as a poor libido. It has been often observed that the people comprehend the dysfunction of the penis as a result of the poor libido which is untrue if we see it from the scientific point of view. The sexual dysfunction in men is a vast topic and it can be due to various health disorders and not generally due to the poor libido or the premature ejaculation or the problems like that. As far as the poor libido is concerned, it is found out that the men suffering from ED are said to have a healthy libido. In many of the cases there are different underlying medical conditions that are responsible for the problems.

ED is a type of sexual dysfunction that does not give much of a symptom to the striking of an individual. It is still based on the observations or if someone experiences the following conditions –

  • A soft erection is something which makes the intercourse difficult consistently.
  • The erections last only for some brief amount of time.
  • The excessive stimulation is required to get even a mild stiffness in the penis.

All these reasons are the one that can help you in understanding the reasons behind the erectile dysfunction and the premature ejaculation.

Who will have the higher chance of getting an erectile dysfunction?

  • There are different types of sexual disorders and ED has become quite common among them in all the man ages. The percentage of the ED patients has increased from 5-20% in the past decade.
  • There are usually men of the age group 40-70 that suffer from the problem of ED but that doesn’t mean that younger men will never face any such problem. All of the males are totally immune to this medical problem. Hispanic men are the ones that are more susceptible to the ED problems and those are the men who have a medical history of diabetes or obesity or hypertension also have the chances of impotency in such cases.
  • The reproductive organ of the males gets stiff and erect when the blood circulation takes place from the vessel and enters into the chamber that is called the corpora cavernosal. Once the oxygenated blood is received by the erectile tissues, the penis gets expanded and stiffened. The process is bolstered by the release of the dopamine from the central nervous system. With this the love rod gets an expansion and it stiffens. The whole of the process is triggered with the help of the nervous system when the message is sent to the genital nerves. A blockage in one of the impulses gets restriction in the blood flow into the penile region that can cause ED.

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Checked By: Sarah Jhones (Sexual Health Expert)
Checked Date: 07-Apr-2022
Next Check Due: Apr-2023