Interesting Sexual Facts About Men and Women You Need to Know!

Interesting Sexual Facts About Men and Women You Need to Know!
August 30, 2022
Published by -- Sandra Conway

Learn all the unique facts about courting!

The global population has gotten Modern and open-minded regarding sex. Yet there is still confusion circling the sexual functions of the female and male bodies. Many women still struggle to understand what sex should feel like. On the other hand, many men still wonder if size is a big issue in their sexual life. 

If you are a curious reader, here are some interesting facts about sex that can help your sexual knowledge. So without any further ado, let’s begin! 

Women may think about courtship more than men. 

Over the years, various types of research have shown that men have more sex drive than women. But in recent studies, it has been found that women think more about sex than men. The chart winners were mostly bisexual or gay women. On the other hand, It has also been found that women value sex more than men. In many cases, it is found that women do not open up about their sex life compared to men.  

There are two types of female orgasms. 

If you were unaware, yes, women have two different types of climaxes during intimacy. The first one is known as external stimulation. It occurs in the top clitoris area. On the other hand, the response of the root clitoris takes place during penetration. There is a functional difference between the two orgasms, simplified as internal and external. However, women have reported enjoying intimacy more when clitoris stimulation is practiced. 

Size does not matter.

One of the most common issues among men is that they are often concerned about their size. The modern media have constantly encouraged the idea that size matters in bed. However, is it a fact? The answer is no. What matters is the skill to make your women enjoy being in bed for a long time. For this, many men take Kamagra tablets to enhance their bedroom skills. 

Period sex is more common than you think.

Many people may shy away from talking about period intimacy. However, in reality, it is more common than you may think. It is often taken as a fun intimacy session by couples. Many men have confessed to enjoying period sex despite it being messy sometimes. However, it is necessary to use protection even during period sex as it can still get a woman pregnant. 

The male body Has a G spot!

Female G spot is always in the spotlight among the new generation because of its complex functions. But how much do we know about the male G spot? It is located under the bladder of a male body. The area is called the prostate and can be reached through the anus. 

Impotence is more common than you can Imagine.

In the online community, men are shamed for impotence. Questioning one’s manhood through their sexual ability has been a social notion for a long time. However, in the Uk is has been found that almost 4.3 million  UK men suffer from ED. Medications like Kamagra Tablets are widely consumed to treat impotence symptoms safely and have shown efficient results. 

Orgasms, at the same time with partners, are rare.

People who have learned about sex through cinemas or porn may understand that simultaneous orgasm is mandatory. But this may not be the case for every couple. This is because female sexual functions are more complicated than the male body. Therefore, it is often difficult for both male and female bodies to achieve sexual pleasure simultaneously. Some individuals never get to experience this in their life. 

The terms‘ growers’ and ‘showers’ are used for different erections.

The male body can have two types of erectile functions. This includes growers and showers. Growers is the term used for a male penis that can grow after sexual stimulation. On the other hand, showers are used for a penis that does not grow much in size even after an erection. It is difficult to accomplish a healthy erection, but it can affect the penis size too. Therefore many people use Kamagra tablets

Sex pills are widely consumed.

Many people consume medicines like Kamagra tablets to help their erection functions. It has been proven to be efficient and safe for long time consumption. Many men consume this medication as a more affordable alternative to brands like Viagra. Despite the affordable features, Kamagra Tablets contain the same salt as viagra and give the same results. 

These are some interesting sexual health facts about men and women!

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