Let’s Focus On Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female sexual satisfaction is one of the most aired controversies currently. Despite being a contentious question, it is still a brain-grinding topic for most men. We have heard men getting blamed for the low rate of orgasms in women, but is it really men?
The female orgasm is not given needed attention because, unlike sperm, orgasms are unnecessary for conceiving. But female sexual satisfaction deserves to be addressed the same as male satisfaction. We need to broaden the scope of the possibility of women undergoing some sexual dysfunctions too. All men might not notice this, but if your woman cannot feel the arousal or end up getting satisfied after the sexual session, you either need to talk or seek help.Let’s introduce Female Sexual Dysfunction in the easiest way possible.

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Being shy about female orgasms and arousals is talk of the past, especially when it is involuntary and seems permanent. It’s high time we address Female Sexual Dysfunction as one important issue.
Female Sexual Dysfunction is an umbrella term for numerous potential sexual disorders like-

  • Anorgasmia
  • Dyspareunia
  • Hypoactive sexual desire disorder
  • Sexual arousal disorder

These disorders affect women during sexual intercourse or after intimate activity. Female Sexual Dysfunction can manifest in one of the other ways. In simple words, the disorder occurs when the woman’s body is unaffected by the sexual stimulation. Not all women experience the same symptoms. Some women feel it hard to be aroused in the first place, some find it hard to orgasm after the session, and some face a lack of desire for sexual acts. Surprisingly enough, a few types of research found that up to 67% of divorces are associated with sexual disorders.

However, experts concluded that it is challenging to differentiate between these conditions. It is believed that female sexual issues affect a third of 18 to 50-year-old women and half of the total women over the age of fifty years. The first reason that comes to our mind is that lack of sexual drive is a cause of growing age. In fact, a lack of sexual desire and libido is discovered in aging men and women. This reason is only acceptable when we talk about aged people. If a woman finds it hard to get aroused in the easiest of times, it might be a symptom of women's sexual dysfunction.

What are the most common symptoms of Female Sexual Dysfunction

The disorder can be a cape for multiple other sexual issues. Some of the most common symptoms of these sexual issues are-
Anorgasmia is the difficulty or total inability to experience or achieve an orgasm. This condition is probably rarely or never heard of, but it is prevalent in as many as 10% of women. Lack of sexual capabilities has lately started affecting relationships and even mental peace.
Dyspareunia can be defined as a state of experiencing pain during intercourse. The pain level is so high that it stops the women from seeking sexual pleasure. It is pretty common in women. Dyspareunia is mostly mistaken with normal pain caused during intercourse. But if a woman feels sharp and intolerable pain, it is a direct symptom of dyspareunia that should be considered.
The hypoactive sexual disorder affects the libido of women. It is associated with drastically low libido or lack of sexual drives that were present at a certain point in time.
Sexual arousal disorder is exactly how it sounds. It is hard for a woman to respond to any sexual stimulation in this disorder. This leads to a loss of sexual desire.All such disorders are counted under Female Sexual Dysfunction. Any disorder that keeps a woman from enjoying sexual pleasure can be considered a serious issue.
Most people take sexual incapabilities as a sign of childhood trauma or having low-love interests. We must address these sexual disorders timely to treat them. Since many women and men are unfamiliar with the disorder, these incapabilities cause trust gaps in the relationships, thus ruining them from within. Not being able to reach the point of satisfaction or orgasm builds frustration and affects the stability of a relationship. What more? Sexual incompetencies and low compatibility messes with the couple’s head and lead to mental trauma.

Causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction

As stated before, there has been limited progress in determining the cause of sexual dysfunction in women. Some would blame age, and others would point toward unexplained childhood traumas. The fact is that everyone is so busy in this era, and women are involved in all sorts of verticals of life. It is hard to tell what is the direct cause of the sexual dysfunction. It can be mental as well as physical.When we talk about mental causes, women facing depression or anxiety are reported to experience low sex drive. This is pretty common in women. Their mental peace and state of mind play a major role in their sexual involvement. It is hard for men to get aroused when not in the right mental state. Depression can result from multiple reasons like relationship issues or childhood traumas which also has a negative impact on sexual interests.

Apart from all the physical and mental conditions, women's underlying health conditions are also prone to contracting sexual disorders. Women who have type 1 or type 2 diabetes are at the risk of experiencing sexual disorders. Most women also have hormone disorders such as overly or underly active thyroid gland, which is also a big cause of low sexual drives. We usually hear women talking about their hormonal imbalances and their impact on their mood and overall body health. Even hair health depends on hormonal imbalances. It is one of the major reasons for experiencing sexual disorders.

Women’s libido is also affected majorly by the overconsumption of drugs or alcohol. Excessive drinking puzzles the mind and body, making it hard to respond to the sexual tension. More than all the body issues, women’s natural wish counts the most for sexual intercourse. So, there are times when a woman’s natural sexual drive is diminished due to personal reasons. These situations include distrust issues with the partner, during pregnancy, sometime after the delivery, or during the time of stress. Recent analysis shows that sexual disorders are usually faced by older women who face health issues and have stress.

The right treatment for Female Sexual Dysfunction

Since it is already clear that sexual disorders in women are not associated with the working of any nerve or blood flow, there is no immediate treatment that can cure the issue. As already stated, a sexual disorder in women is either connected to mental and emotional health or is an extension of an underlying health issue like thyroid or diabetes. Basically, in any condition where there is a hormonal shift, sexual disorders are likely to arise. It is so common that even a long hard working day can lead to low sexual drive in women.
Many people turn back in disappointment when they realize that there is no immediate treatment for Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD). While there is no direct cure, there are certain treatments that can help lower the impact and induce arousing feelings.Online stores like Kamagra UK 24 provide quality-verified and assured medications to treat FSD. Lovegra Jelly is the easiest form of medication that can help women experience sexual pleasure. The medication contains an active ingredient named sildenafil nitrate.

Female Sexual Dysfunction Medical Treatment

Female sexual dysfunction has many medical treatments, including the consumption of Lovegra Jelly and tablets. Besides, there are a few treatments that can help overcome female sexual disorders. Estrogen therapy is one of the most effective therapies to impact the disorder positively. Estrogen therapy in the form of vaginal rings works well as they provide vaginal relief. This treatment is carried out by increasing the blood flow to the vaginal area and increasing lubrication. Increased lubrication in the area can reduce problems where women feel sharp pain during intercourse. Medications like Osphena can also reduce sexual pain for a woman by giving vaginal atrophy. Many other medications are used to increase the sexual drive in women.

Female Sexual Dysfunction Non-Medical Treatment

Opting for medical treatment every time you detect a sexual disorder is unimportant. In fact, non-medical treatments are preferred globally to treat sexual disorders. These are natural that have helped the majority of women to get over the issues. Many women even suggested others choose natural therapies. But, once the issue is alleviated, it gets hard to treat it naturally. One of the suggested treatments is to open up about the issue with your partner. This doesn't mean being 100% transparent about your sexual desires even when you don’t want to, but communicating what you are experiencing emotionally and personally. Expressing your feelings in a safe and non-threatening way helps you overcome the fear of being outed. This actually helps a woman own up to the issue and take the right medications on time. Non-medical treatment also involves going for effective therapies. If you are uncomfortable talking about the sexual issue, consider contacting a therapist or counsellor.
When it comes to not being able to feel aroused, there are specially designed devices for sexual pleasure that can stimulate sexual desires.
One of the most important treatments is arranging and balancing your life behaviors. Practice a balanced diet; no excess smoking or alcohol can lead to an increased libido.

What Foods are Helpful For Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Why even get into all medical and non-medical treatments when you can simply improve your sexual health by managing your diet. Female sexual dysfunction can be treated with the consumption of many food items. However, some of these are old wives' tales but are known to be effective even in the modern day.
Aphrodisiac foods are usually suggested to improve the sexual drive in women. Many herbs and roots are used to act as aphrodisiacs. Foods like ginkgo, ginseng, Maca, and saffron are usually known to affect a woman's libido positively. Before we learn about aphrodisiacs, let's know that aphrodisiac foods are the ones with properties of increasing natural sexual drive and libido. Consuming these foods can ultimately combat female sexual dysfunction.If we talk about consuming Maca, a study recorded an evident rise in sexual drive and the level of satisfaction. Saffron is also known to have positive effects on stimulating sexual desires and treating sexual disorders.We all might have heard this a million times; red wine is one of the most effective aphrodisiac drinks. Amongst many other aphrodisiac foods, red wine tops the list of being effective. Please note that red wine is helpful when taken in limited quantities; excess alcohol can have completely opposite impacts.
Chocolate, strawberries, figs, bananas, coffee, oysters, and honey are foods that have anecdotal evidence. These foods are known to improve mood and not necessarily increase the sexual drive in people. Even though these foods are not proven as aphrodisiacs, it doesn’t mean they are harmful to the body. They can heighten the mood, which may lead to better sexual life.

Where to buy FSD Tablets and Jelly?

If you choose to use medical treatment for female sexual dysfunction, then Kamagra UK24 is the best place to get it. Kamagra UK24 is one of the emerging online medical stores that provide sexual dysfunction medication. We have extensive knowledge of the issues and prescribe the right medication based on your symptoms. So, if you are too shy to talk to someone up front, we are available for you. Talk to us virtually, and we will deliver the right medication to your doorstep. Added to this, we send discreet packaging that prevents you from social discomfort. Although we believe in being confident with all your flaws, we respect our customer’s choices and privacy.Visit our online store and order the medication you require.


Is female sexual dysfunction treatable?
Yes, sexual dysfunction in females is curable. For a woman's well-being, lifestyle changes, therapies, and a combination of treatments aid in the treatment of FSD. Out of which, Kamagra UK 24 provides well-tested and qualified medications to cure FSD. You can order these medicines online either in the form of jellies or tablets.
How do I fix my sexual dysfunction?

Female sexual dysfunction can be treated with medications like Lovegra tablets and jellies. These medicines are available online at Kamagra UK 24 and can be ordered at the tip of the tap. Other than this, estrogen therapies have also become quite popular in recent times for treating female dysfunctions

How can a woman overcome sexual dysfunction?
With the advancement in medical sciences, there is a medicine for every disease. Similarly, female sexual dysfunction can be cured by considering the right medicines, eating a proper diet, and switching to a healthy lifestyle. To overcome FSDs, you can get your medicines online from Kamagra UK 24 in the form of jellies and tablets.
What causes a woman not to be sexually active?
So far, no concrete reasons have been found in the context of women being sexually inactive. However, some suggest that is due to age, childhood trauma, depression, and other such factors. There is no absolute medical evidence against women being sexually inactive. It may be due to personal reasons or a lack of interest in developing a bond with their partners.

Checked By: Sarah Jhones (Sexual Health Expert)
Checked Date: 03 Aug 2022
Next Check Due: Aug 2023

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