Are you afraid of the intimacy process?

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May 18, 2018
Published by -- Sandra Conway

The heart and the soul both have the deep desires for intimacy however if you fear it you will probably try to push it away despite all your best efforts. It is just like getting stuck in a game of tug of war. When you come closer to it, you push it away. Why would you be so afraid of something that might something so deep and something that you yearn for?

The reason might be that you might want to be deeply seen, known and understood. You might be yearning for a delicious joy of connection for the exquisite flow of love that might occur between the two open hearts that might profoundly want to get to each other. Everyone knows that there is nothing deeper, blissful and enlivening than intimacy. There may not be anything scarier it might all depend from person to person.

Major fears of intimacy can be due to the following reasons –

• The first reason might be that as a part of growing up, you might be someone close to you like your parents, siblings, friends or someone else. Did something happen that might have hurted you? This can be one of the reasons behind the fear of intimacy.

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• Did the person you adored reject you with anger, criticism or withdrawal? Did someone person leave you or die? Was the person who was with you trying to control or engulf you or did you tried to give yourself up in front of that person?
• Do you have the fear of losing a person that you love or you are so deeply indulged in a relationship?
• If you are able to find the answers to these questions, then you will definitely be able to find the remedy for your fear of intimacy.

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